Michigan Treasure Hunting Expedition


Abandoned Ghost town

Weekend of June 6th thru 8th

This is a Metal Detecting-Camping Expedition


We will be going to the Ghost town of Hawks in Central Michigan to find artifacts of the olden days! Who knows what treasures may appear!





In the late 1880's, the call of "timber" brought together lumberjacks in an area five miles north of Luther, Michigan. Grouping together locally in their camps, some with families, the populace became known as Hawks. This name originated with C.W. Hawks who owned the camp and much of the land there. Within the next 10 years, the lumber was removed and shipped out by train. The village depended on a sidetrack of the M & GR Railroad. A dowel rod factory operated at Hawks which manufactured handles for axes, shovels and forks. A general store and post office served the people in Hawks. Stands of timber brought the existence of Hawks, and the lack of it caused it's slow death. The train was discontinued and people started moving away to other places and other jobs.



This is a "Rough-it" Expedition!

Equipment you will need to bring:

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The cost of this Expedition will be $150 per person with a limit of 10 people. 

Contact Mike at: cptnmike@sbcglobal.net or Renny at: mth104@lycos.com for further details, or to sign up. We will have expeditions all through the summer if you would like to book a later date, or for a different site. For our schedule, go to Schedules.